Tremours / Ceremony East Coast / M0AA | 7PM

17 Oct | $12 adv ~ $15 atd
7:00 pm |

Tremours / Ceremony East Coast / M0AA


Ceremonies East Coast

$12 adv ~ $15 atd

7 PM

shoegaze / post punk / heavy indie concert

presented by Little Cloud Records and Pleasure Rat Booking

Ceremony East Coast:
Ceremonies East Coast is John Fedowitz, (member of the shoegaze legend Skywave) and Sandra Fedowitz. The two-piece band was originally formed in 2005 incl. other band members, and has been touring Europe, Asia and the USA.

You get fuzz bass lines, ear piercing guitars, savage drums and intense vocals. Nothing polished, highs and lows. Each live show and record is raw, real and Ceremony style.

TREMOURS formed in Los Angeles in 2021 by the duo of Lauren Andino and Glenn Fryatt. Late night jam sessions in the midst of lockdown uncertainty slowly transformed into TREMOURS creative partnership, driven by the tension between Andinos hazy, drifting guitars and Fryatts urgent, pulsating drums.

South Carolina-born Andino has played with LSD And The Search For God and most recently L.A. Witch as a touring guitarist. Fryatt hails from Portsmouth, England, and has toured as a drummer for artists such as Cherubs, The Montrose Avenue and Ten Benson.

Coming off the back of her gothic shoegaze debut album “Euphoric Recall” released in 2021, MØAA unleashes the title track of her new album “Jaywalker;” a nocturnal dream pop record featuring pulsing 909 drum machines submerged under catchy hushed vocals and glistening, reverb laden guitars. Fuzzed out bass lines from the first album have been swapped out with fat chorus and throbbing synths built for melancholic dancing. As with “Euphoric Recall”, MØAA worked with collaborator Andrea Volpato who co-produced, mixed, and recorded “Jaywalker” at Fox Studio in Seattle, Washington.


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