Total Downer / Pocket Dog / Sunny Mondays

03 Apr | $10 adv - $12 atd
7:00 pm |

Total Downer / Pocket Dog / Sunny Mondays

Total Downer
Pocket Dog
Sunny Mondays

$10 adv ~ $12

no jerks!

! no re-entry for under 21s !

Total Downer – Caretaker
Caretaker is a largely autobiographical record revolving around childhood experiences of being hurt and misled by adult society.

Caretaker is a reckoning with the difficult realization that we are now among that very society of adults. We’ve experienced pain as children, all of us, and it is now our responsibility to pave a better world for ourselves and people we love.

The songs are about the relentless pursuit of a perfect body, the utopian dream of crying with your boy friends, and revenge fantasies of destroying everyone who ever hurt you.

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Pocket Dog
bmore indie punX!
new EP ‘Hesitate’! out now
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Sunny Mondays
3-piece alternative math rock from sunny baltimore!
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