The Christening – A Bass Music Party feat. Mr. Jennings / Lux’n’Bass / Sasha Miles / Night Wife / Prodigal [ Square One Productions ]

26 May | $30 DoS
8:00 pm | THE PINK ROOM

Mr. Jennings / Lux’n’Bass / Sasha Miles / Night Wife / Prodigal [Square One Productions]

Join the Square One Productions crew for a curated evening of bass music and ritualistic debauchery featuring the debut of the Luxe’n’Bass sound system, presently titled “The Monolith”. This system has passed through two generations of heathens to arrive at our door, fully loaded with TurboSound technology and capable of reaching as low as 20Hz. When aligned, the sub cabinets span 13ft wide and 5ft deep, with the option to stack the system vertically in order to create a tower of bass formed into a mouth, guaranteed to eat towards your spine and wobble your brain.We would be delighted if you marked your calendars for May 26th. Bring your most naughty religious attire to our church, the church of Bass.





A sophisticated technique for the delivery of squidges, squooshes, bleeps, blops.




DJ tag team duo specializing in Deep Dubstep, Drum & Bass, and UK garage.