Snag. / Nesting / No Thanks To You / Expiration Date

24 Apr | $13 av ~ $15 atd
7:00 pm | The Pink Room

Snag. / Nesting / No Thanks To You / Expiration Date



no thanks to you

expiration date

$13 adv ~ $15 atd

at the Crown Baltimore
no re-entry for under 21s

milwaukee river skramz about climate anxiety.
stream on bandcamp

““The foundation has broken, no warning,” encapsulates the ethos of Snag‘s side of the split. This anxious exclamation dives deep into a tempestuous ocean of sound. With Sam Szymborski’s ethereal guitar melodies, which meander like rivulets through angular riffs and the ambient landscape, one cannot help but be ensnared. Bryan Wysocki’s drums, ferocious and untamed, pounce and reverberate with the intensity of a tempest, creating a sound that feels both visceral and ethereal.”
–IDIOTEQ staff writers on their split w/ Como Regalia (October 2023, link)


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