RINGO DEATHSTARR / The Veldt / Natural Velvet

20 May | $20 adv ~ $25 atd
7:00 pm |


The Veldt

Natural Velvet

plus DJs The Holy Circle~


7pm Doors

$20 adv ~ $25 at the door

All Ages
no jerks!
no re-entry for under 21s


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Ringo Deathstarr has been synonymous with the independent shoegaze movement for well over a decade. Heady and lingering, live they are all of that Wall of Sound verb, wide-eyed, washing psych and shakey shimmering we know and love.

Another decade under the belt and on tour with some of their best material to date, Ringo Deathstarr rumbles on like a rogue wave, pounding pavement & pedalboards in venues and festivals this spring ! Not to be missed!

“True to the nature of self-titled albums,


Ringo Deathstarr condenses everything special about the shoegaze purveyors into one complete package, but it also feels like a self-conscious look back at where they’ve come since. It may not bear the visceral punch of their earlier material, but it feels more esoteric, more open to other influences. The wall of noise we’ve come to expect has opened up to a chamber, as evidenced on early track “God Help the One’s You Love,” which is spacious enough to bring the term “cinematic” to mind. Those tributes to Kevin Shields are still here, like the whammied “Once Upon a Freak” and the knowingly-titled “Gazin,” but as always they’re done with dignity, with a demonstrable understanding of what exactly makes that style of song work. There are moments where the record arguably runs just a little too hard into identikit territory, like Souvlaki outtake “In Your Arms” or the Jesus and Mary and Ringo Chain track “Lazy Lane,” but over a decade later, obvious pastiche has become a part of the band’s charm.”
— Rob Moura (Post-Trash, 2021,





The Veldt are pioneers of east coast shoegaze. Formed in the late 80s by the fertile electric imaginations of identical twins Daniel and Danny Chavis, this band helped define shoegaze and dream pop at the genre’s inception. The Veldt pushes the boundaries between soul, indie, post punk, dream pop and wall of sound shoegaze as vanguards of the genre.

This year has been a sea change for The Veldt with the release of Illuminated 1989, a full length over 24 years in the making engineered by Robin Gutherie of the Cocteau Twins (first in 1989, and then remastered by him in 2023), shelved by the capitol records in 1989 for reasons unknown. The lead single “The Everlasting Gobstopper” is iconic Veldt – powerful, dreamy, sweet, psychedelic and catchy as all hell, with Elizabeth Fraser featured on backing vocals . Back on tour in support of the new record, The Veldt has shared stages with The Brian Jonestown Massace and now rides shotgun with Ringo Deathstar on their spring into summer tour!

Heavy Gospel feedback-Gazey Sonnets for the masses Africandreampop vaporgaze 5.B.C.

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Natural Velvet is a post punk/indie band in Baltimore, MD. They have carved out their own world of seductive and confrontational dream pop meets loud AF shoegaze music.

“Scraping post-punk meets witchy psych-rock backed by some of the bounciest basslines around. Like the entire “Donnie Darko” soundtrack stuffed in a blender”
—Brandon Soderberg, Baltimore City Paper “50 Local Releases You Should Hear”