P.T. Burnem’s Duskat Dream Drum Machine feat. Eze Jackson / Chris Carr (nyc) & more

18 May | $10
8:00 pm | THE PINK ROOM

w/ P.T. Burnem / Eze Jackson / Chris Carr (nyc) / Vans Westly / Carlos The Expanding Man


Scintillating soundscapes of beloved tonal magi P.T. Burnem, The Expanding Man & More grace our Pink Room Thursday May 18th.

The Dustkat Dream Drum Machine is a drum machine the size of a small room. An interactive light and sound installation coupled with a performance. It’s the clamor of synchronized clanging objects resolving into a meditative drone, or perhaps just melting into a pond of ducks. The project is 50 percent sonic sculpture, 50 percent music show and 10 percent Ted Talk.




Al Shipley of the Baltimore City Paper called P.T. Burnem “A captivating performer, with an intense physicality matching his deep commanding voice and dark, dense production”. His aggressive stage presence and articulate flow have captivated crowds as far away as Moscow, and as close as Joey’s Basement.




The Expanding Man – baltimore’s sonic stalwart Carlos Guillen explores the galatic and infenitessimal in The Expanding Man – .